Westhay Moor

Was at Westhay Moor the other day planning an education session me and Steph are leading for a group of brownies.

giphy (2)

Westhay is a really nice place, you can always hear birds chattering in the reeds and cuckoos calling across the reserve. Apparently otters are frequently sighted on the reserve but I haven’t had the pleasure yet.  We did see a small weasel or stoat type thing on the way in though, which was a first for both of us.

The paths through the reserves are filled with damselflies which are smaller, daintier insects resembling dragonflies. There are a few differences, damselflies rest with their wings together and not spread. They are weaker flyers and generally smaller.giphy (1)

The soil at Westhay is made acidic by the Spagnum moss and acidic soil doesn’t hold nutrients well. Soils low in nutrients put pressure on plants to find new sources of nutrients and Westhay is the habitat of carnivorous plants such as these Sundews.

The hairs tipped with blobs of red gloop are sticky, when insects land on them they are digested by the plant for nutrition.

I heard there are also Pitcher plants about but I didn’t manage to find any.



We also spotted this moth with mad long antennae.


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