5 Days Wild

I read something a while ago about setting yourself achievable targets or you are less likely to accomplish anything. I feel like posting something every day isn’t really going to happen so I am going to post what I have been up to every few days.

Apologies for my lack of photos! I will be better over the next few days, promise.


Day One

The first day of June and of 30 days wild I was lucky enough to be helping The Somerset Wildlife Trust at the Royal Bath and West Show. The Trust had sown a mini wildflower meadow a few years and every year it grows better and better. They use it as an example of what one could look like.

Official figures say the UK has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows so I took the quiet moments of the day opportunity to appreciate our mini meadow. I watched the visiting insects and I even caught a glimpse of a small rabbit who had probably made the showground its home unaware of the annual country show.18921658_10155376561562630_3711773128359448009_n

Day Two

At Barrington Court, a Tudor Manor near Illminster I was representing the Somerset Wildlife Trust. It started with a quiet morning so I decided to explore the grounds.

Wildlife gardening interests me at the minute, as I wondered the gardens I noted the plants which attracted insects. Luckily most of the flowers had labels. I am going to research the plants and see what I can incorporate.


Day Three

1I was talking to the Reptile and Amphibian Group at Barrington court who suggested I looked at my pond at night. Amphibians go about their business at night, so I grabbed a torch to see what was happening. I found a large frog and two small frogs, perhaps a year old hopping around the borders.

Day Four

One of my friends was back from London for the weekend and a group of us had decided to go out for lunch at The Pig Hotel in Honiton. It was further afield than we would usually go but it was more than worth it.

After our lunch I suggested we wondered around the grounds under our umbrellas as it was one of those peculiar sunny days where it still managed to rain. There were spikes of Foxgloves walls covered in climbing plants and an extensive vegetable garden.


Day Five

Yesterday it was the most awful weather and I was at work, two reasons not to do anything. While at work I was looking at the bird feeders we have and spotted a Jay who visits our feeders. I had never seen a Jay before and they are one of my favourite birds.


After five days wild its becoming apparent the little things you can do and the small changes which are easily incorporated are just as important as taking on big commitments. Being aware of what I


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